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After you have secured a position through us, we will send you a welcome pack detailing essential information you will need for moving to the UK. This will include details on registering with the relevant authorities, setting up a bank account, registering with a General Practitioner and other general information to get you quickly settled into the UK.

We will also help you to secure accommodation near your workplace for the first month after your move. Where possible, this will be in hospital accommodation.

The UK is very multicultural, with thriving, immigrant communities. Wherever you live you will more than likely find a large number of your compatriots, and most probably a few cafes and shops selling products from your home country. We find that this greatly eases the transition to living in the UK meaning you will soon feel at home, whilst also quickly getting to know your colleagues both from the UK and other countries.


It is widely believed that the status of EU nurses in the UK will remain unchanged after Brexit. There is a significant shortage of medical staff in the NHS and it is heavily dependent on workers from abroad. The government is likely to maintain the present system both for those EU nationals already working in the NHS but also for EU nationals who wish to work in the NHS in the future.

What you will need - UK Nursing
To apply for a position you will need to:
  • Have graduated or be studying towards a nursing degree. Please specify your qualification when you contact us
  • Have good spoken and written English language skills and be willing to take a IELTS or Occupational English Test
  • Be registered with the nursing licensing authority in your country, when qualified

The Recruitment Process

Step 1: Identifying the right job for you

With many positions available, in a variety of roles, our first task is to identify the right role for you. Once we receive your CV, we will discuss your requirements and identify the best role for you.
Step 2: Organising the interview

The interview process will take place in Portugal or over Skype. We arrange for recruiters from various UK hospitals and Nursing Homes to hold recruitment sessions in Portugal throughout the year. We will support you throughout the interview process.

Step 3: Helping you with the move

Many of our team members are based in the UK so we can offer practical advice on all aspects of the move, including getting the correct paperwork to enable you to work in the UK and assisting you with obtaining an NMC pin.

Step 4: Supporting you in your new job

We continue to offer support throughout your first year in your new role. We understand it can sometimes be difficult to build a life somewhere new so we are here to help you to adjust to life in the UK.
We never charge applicants for any of the services we provide!