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We are a UK registered company and we specialise in recruiting EU nursing staff for permanent full time positions in the UK and Ireland. We work with a variety of Hospital Trusts and Nursing Homes to place qualified nurses, of all levels, in a variety of exciting and varied roles.

Currently we are looking to recruit applicants from Portugal and Italy as they are very highly regarded in terms of qualifications, empathy with patients and language skills. We can help with all stages of your application and we never charge you for any of the services we provide. We have an office in Portugal and our staff are multi-lingual so we can support you throughout your application.

Why choose us

1. We know the NHS from the inside. Two of our Directors have worked for the NHS in managerial and senior Human Resource roles, so we can offer you the best insight into future positions.

2. We understand the concerns of moving countries. Two of our English Directors have experience of living abroad, they moved from Portugal to a number of countries including the UK, so they can help you with the practicalities of moving and help you to integrate in your new environment. They also speak fluent Portuguese.

3. We are much more than a recruitment company. We have an extremely focussed strategy and attach great importance to supporting each candidate. Our objective is to find you the right role, where we hope you will build a successful career spanning a number of happy and rewarding years. Our support does not end when we find you a job, it continues throughout the first year to ensure you successfully integrate into your new environment and take advantage of the exciting possibilities that lay ahead.

Meet the Directors

Jennifer Lumby

Jennifer lived in Portugal before moving to the UK in 2005. She has worked in management roles across the NHS, in both hospitals and commissioning.

Jessica Welsh

Jessica has worked in both Portugal and the UK (and also Austria and Ireland) in senior roles within the private sector where she was regularly involved in recruitment processes.